New Solar Backgrounds

Lunar Bond

Each of the 300 Solars was mystically associated with one of the 300 Lunars as surely as day is paired with night. Whether by design, happenstance or personal interaction this magical bond can have varied degrees of strength. Dots in this background represent an intense relationship and powerful destiny ties the Abyssal, Solar or Infernal Exalt to a single Lunar Exalted. Either character can draw on the bond once per story to reduce the limit/resonance of the bondmate by a number of points equal to twice the rating of the background if they can interact with their bondmate for a single scene. They also both gain a pool of extra successes equal to rating of the background that they can spend to aid or rescue their bondmate once per story.

Additionally the Lunar who the Solar is bonded to is treated as a steadfast ally. The Lunar character receives 2 extra bonus points for every level of the bond. The characters find themselves mutually attracted to their bondmates the moment that they meet, and the thought of betraying the bondmate requires a failed Compassion roll with a number of bonus dice equal to the rating of the background, as does any attempt to kill them but not attempts to attack or otherwise injure them. Once the two bondmates have met, they can sense the distance and direction of the other with a difficulty 2 Perception + Awareness roll with a number of bonus dice equal to the background rating.

Sample Lunar Serpent-Squid Mandala could also serve as a PC


Your character is troubled by a recurring nemesis who constantly seeks to thwart her goals, defeat or humiliate her, or even kill her outright. The enemy need not be utterly hostile, however. A rival who always swoops in to steal the credit for the character’s successes (or just the character’s girlfriend) before running away laughing can represent an enemy. This background functions as the antithesis of the Allies Background. For every dot taken in this background, increase the power of the nemesis or rival relative to the character, using the Allies Background as a general guideline.

At the beginning of each session, the Storyteller should roll one die. If the result is equal to or less than the rating of the background, the nemesis will take some action in the course of that session that will interfere with the character’s long-term goals and at the end of session the character gains bonus experience equal to the result of the roll. It is not necessary for the character to interact with her enemy during the session. The nemesis might simply send word during a later session to inform the character that he has kidnapped one of her loved ones or he might attempt to sabotage the characters holdings. Each time that the nemesis is thwarted but not killed by the player character, the character receives bonus experience points equal to the background rating. Should the character manage to befriend or kill his nemesis, the character receives double the usual experience reward and if the nemesis was befriended the character gains either an ally or mentor depending on the relative power level of the nemesis, either way the character loses the Nemesis Background.

Sample nemesis Bitter Crow

New Solar Backgrounds

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