New Lunar Charms


  • Prerequisites: Essence 2, Stamina 3
    This charm teaches a character the proper ritual to begin a sacred hunt for smaller animals. Normally, a Lunar cannot master a shape smaller than a housecat. Now, creatures as small as a mouse become valid targets for the blood hunt. The hunt typically takes about half as long for creatures of this size. This charm expands the range of possible spirit shapes for a starting character.

While in the form of s small creature such as a cat or mouse, the Lunar benefits from an increase to the difficulty of attack rolls against him equal to his permanent essence and gains a number of bonus dice to stealth rolls equal to his stamina when a small animal form.


  • Prerequisites: Essence 2, Wits 3
    Sometimes, the Lunar Exalted don’t have time to perform a full blood hunt, or need to take a shape without killing its owner. A Lunar can take on an animal’s (or human’s) shape without performing the sacred hunt so long as he gets a taste of its blood. The new form does not last long. A simple taste of blood, even a minor trickle, gives the Lunar access to the shape for the next hour. More blood, which must be drawn by the character and accompanied by some sharp pain (inflicting at least one lethal health level), adds the shape to the character’s library for one full day. The duration begins counting down the moment the blood leaves the body—a Lunar may not store blood for later use or lick up old, dried blood for the benefit. Any animal or human with an essence lower than the Lunar can provide this benefit.

Without activating the blood hunt, a Lunar may take as little as a few minutes to find the blood of the right creature (for common, small animals) or a half-hour to an hour for larger or less common animals. At the Storyteller’s discretion, this may take even longer, but it should never take more than half as long as the sacred hunt for the equivalent creature.


  • Prerequisite: Casteless Lunar
    No cage can contain the lunar. The casteless can reflexively reduce its entire body into a viscous material that flows effortlessly according to his will. In this form, the lunar can flow through any opening, no matter how small, although very tiny openings may take a long time to pass through. While in this form, the lunar becomes more vulnerable to powerful blunt attacks than to cutting attacks. Treat lethal cutting damage as normal bashing damage, but double the pre-soak damage of all normal bashing attacks. Lethal damage that is not based on cutting attacks (fire, acid and the like) is treated normally; so is aggravated damage. Activating Quicksilver Form requires a commitment of 5 motes of Essence.


  • Prerequisite: Essence 3, Wits 4 and Quicksilver Form
    The player can avoid acquiring a new mutation by immediately having the character take a different shape. Changing to the new shape operates as normal, including any Essence or Willpower cost for the effect, except that the immediate assumption of the new shape does not trigger a new taint roll. For extra shapeshifting fun, have the Storyteller pick the new shape at random from the Lunar’s repertoire of heart’s blood, and roll a die, you regain that many motes of peripheral essence. Creative use of the unexpected form might count as a stunt.

Ever Shifting River does not count as a charm for the purposes of how many charms can be used each round.

New Lunar Charms

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