Subtle Jab


Essence 3. Waning Moon Assassin

Anima Power: Spend 10 motes to craft an illusion that makes him appear to be one other person he knows (without the need for stealing that form through tasting the subject’s hearts blood). The illusion affects all senses, and while protected by it, Subtle Jab can add his essence of 2 as a dice bonus to any social action to pose as the person he impersonates or otherwise appear trustworthy. Alternatively, the illusions can obfuscate his identity in an ever shifting mask of light and shadow that adds his essence to the difficulty to recognize him.

  • Backgrounds: Artifact 3, Horde 1, Society 1, Spies 1, and Tell 4
    Caste Attributes: Dexterity, Manipulation, Wits. Favored Attribute: Strength
  • DBT: +5 Strength, +3 Stamina, and +1 Wits
  • Bestial Reflexes: Increase base initiative by +3
  • Lightning Speed: Double base movement and jumping distances
  • Spider Foot Climbing: The Lunar may move at normal speed up walls and across ceilings, stopping and hanging at any orientation.
  • Terrible Beast Claws: Speed +6, Accuracy +2, Damage +2, Defense +1, Rate 1
  • Wound-knitting Power: Heal all Bashing per turn and 1L per turn


  1. Chameleon Skin Technique
  2. Enduring Mountain Ridge (2m. Negates all bashing damage from one attack)
  3. Moonsilver Barb (3m. Shot adds the Lunar’s Dexterity to the difficulty of any attempt to dodge)
  4. Porcupine Shot (1m per die added. Max dex)
  5. Sight Confusing Steps (6m +1w for scene long invisibility)
  6. Skin of Stone (2m. Convert all Lethal damage to bashing from one attack)
  7. Stealthy Fox Method
  8. Twin Shot Method (2m. Two ranged attacks)
  9. Wind-Borne Fang (2m per die converted. Max dex)
  10. Windhand’s Guard (Make a reflexive parry attempt with Dexterity + whatever ranged ability is appropriate against an incoming ranged attack aimed at yourself, or at someone within the maximum range of your ranged weapon. 2m for self, 3m for another)

Attributes: Dexterity 5, Strength 3 (8), Stamina 4 (7), Appearance 4, Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Perception 4, Intelligence 2, and Wits 4 (5)

Combo: Twin Shot Method + Moon Silver Barb + Wind-Borne Fang 7-15m + 1 willpower: Fire two shots that each have a difficulty of 5 to dodge and have +1 to +5 automatic successes to hit.

Combo: Skin of Stone + Enduring Mountain Ridge 4m + 1 willpower: Negate all lethal damage from a single attack.


Subtle Jab

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