Master of Eight


Motivation: Cast off the yoke of the Dragon-Blooded and raise An-Teng to glory undreamed of since the First Age.
Nature: Leader (regain a point of Willpower when others follow your lead without complaint)
Totem Animal: Javelin-spider
Urge: Compelled to frenzy at the sound of barking dogs by the Anuhles demon spider dwells in the tattoo on Master of Eight’s back, he will immediately seek out and attack the barking dog without consideration for himself or the situation. He must succeed on a difficulty 3 Temperance roll to restrain himself and gains a point of Limit if he should succeed.

Essence 4 No Moon caste Lunar and Seven Strangled Vine Cult Leader

  • Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 2
  • Virtue Flaw: Curse of the Hungry Wolverine
    The character is overcome with the boundless importance of the instant. He cannot ignore his vision of how things should be, no matter what the consequences.
    The Hungry Wolverine will cripple someone who tries to take his bowl of rice as surely as he will fight to preserve his own life. The character must always do what he thinks is right even if it means dying in the process. Storytellers should consider the character’s own past history when judging what the character defines as “right.”
    Partial Control: The character may verbally bully an opponent into cooperating rather than resorting to violence. Of course, some foes may not cooperate in which case fighting may prove inevitable.
  • Personal Essence: 16
  • Peripheral Essence: 40
  • Willpower: 6
    Backgrounds: Artifact 2, Cult (Seven Stranded Vine) 2, Horde (125 Cultists, 25 Spider Beastmen, 2 Heroic Mortals, and 1 Demon-Blooded) 3, Resources (Cult Offerings) 1, Society 3, Sorcery 5

Artifact: Sacrificial escharklave: Speed +3, Accuracy +4, Damage 4L, Defense +1 and halves the hardness of its victim.
Artifact: Hellforged Demon-Spider Tattoo in the shape of a creeping golden spider clinging to a web on his back, the tattoo shifts and moves when not being actively observed but provides +3 dice to Climbing rolls, one bonus die to Dodge, Martial Arts, and Stealth, and the following charms:

  1. Essence Plethora: allows him to draw on 10 motes of essence stored by the demon in the tattoo.
  2. Landscape Travel: 4m reflexive: scuttle up walls and across ceilings at twice normal movement speed for one scene.
  3. Meat of Broken Flesh: 1m supplemental, if the attack dealt any lethal or aggravated damage steal 4 motes from the target, but if the damage was bashing steal 2 motes.

Deadly Beastman Shape: spend 5m to transform gaining +2 Appearance and +2 Strength

  • Gift of Hands: Grow an additional set of arms, which reduce the multiple action penalty by 1 (to a minimum of -0), and make a number of actions equal to the total Rate of their weapons.
  • Terrible Beast Maw: Gives the Lunar Jaws. Jaws have Essence + Strength points to spend between Speed, Accuracy, Damage, Defense and Rate. Each point in Damage adds +2, while Rate costs three points for each increment. No more than Essence points invested in any single attribute. These points may be reflexively changed once each turn.


  1. Celestial Circle Sorcery
  2. Divine the Hidden Truth (10 motes/Simple: As the Storyteller yes or no questions and get hints)
  3. Enduring Mountain Ridge (2m/Reflexive: Negates all Bashing damage from one attack. May be activated before soak is applied, after soak is applied, or even after the damage is rolled)
  4. Enter the Empty House (2m per die/Simple: You know enough about someone whose shape is in your library that you can easily pass as a good friend or confidant of theirs- or as the person themselves, if you wear their face. You automatically add up to your Wits to the difficulty of anyone trying to realize that you are more than you appear to be)
  5. Lessons of the Dead (2m/Simple: You can draw on the deep learning of those you have devoured, adding a single person’s Lore, Occult or other Intelligence-based Ability to your own when making an Intelligence based roll, including any relevant specialties the subject may have had. In general, few people having more than 1 or 2 points of Lore or Occult, and so add little- but a world famous savant is often a wellspring of nearly forgotten lore.
    You may also ‘interrogate’ anyone who’s shape you have in your library, asking them any question and receiving complete and honest answers.
    Bonus dice granted by Lessons of the Dead count as bonus dice, against any limits of the maximum dice able to be added)
  6. Lore Speaking Method (2m per die/Simple: The Lunar is deeply versed in all manners of knowledge. They may add up to their Intelligence in dice to any Intelligence based roll, at a cost of 2 motes per die)
  7. Name Speaking Technique
  8. Read the Heavenly Portents (3 motes/Simple: Powerful astrology with difficulties reduced by 4)
  9. Skin of Stone (2m/Reflexive: Turns all Lethal damage from one attack into Bashing. May be activated before soak is applied, after soak is applied, or even after the damage is rolled)
  10. Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

Combo: Wounds Mean Nothing Meditation (4m + 1 Willpower/Reflexive: includes Enduring Mountain Ridge and Skin of Stone. Effectively converts all lethal damage into bashing and then negates that damage or if you prefer instantly regenerates the wound)


  1. Demon of the First Circle (20m or more)
  2. Demon of the Second Circle
  3. Emerald Circle Banishment (10m or more)
  4. Emerald Countermagic (10m or 20m)
  5. Incomparable Body Arsenal (30m)
  6. The Faithful Ally (20m to cast, and 20m to activate, unlimited range emergency teleport)
  7. Virtuous Guardian of Flame (25m committed for a magic bodyguard)

Attributes: Dexterity 5, Stamina 4, Strength 3, Appearance 3, Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Intelligence 4, Perception 3, Wits 3

Favored Abilities: Lore 3, Occult 5, Presence 4, Larceny 1, Survival 2
Other Abilities: Linguistics 3, Melee 1, Resistance 4, Socialize 1, Stealth 1

Specialities: +2 dice to Brain Washing, +1 die to Knives

Health Levels (23): -0, -1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4, and Incapacitated

Anima Effects: A No Moon Lunar may attune her Essence to that of the new moon. She must spend at least one mote of Essence, and may spend up to twice her permanent Essence in motes. In doing so, she gains a shadowy penumbra that causes attackers who cannot see through darkness to suffer a -1 external penalty. This aura amplifies the occult power of the Lunar for the remainder of the scene, allowing her to reduce the cost of all Charms that explicitly require an Occult roll by one per mote of Essence used to power her anima, though the cost of a Charm cannot be reduced by more than half. This aura also allows her to reduce the Essence cost of all spells cast for the rest of the scene by one per mote of Essence initially invested in her anima, but the cost of a spell cannot be reduced by more than half. Whenever the Lunar has 11 or more motes of Peripheral Essence active, this anima effect activates automatically at full strength (or increases if originally activated at a lower power) without cost. The No Moon is just as obvious as any other flaring Lunar, but the light springs from the silver edge of her anima and the shadow within remains. She is treated as having spent twice her permanent Essence for purposes of Charm and spell cost reduction and retains the protection of the penumbra.

Flaw: Affected by Wards 4 points
Celestial Exalted with this Flaw may be affected by wards and talismans designed to impede creatures of darkness such as demons and ghosts. The vulnerability also extends to other magic specifically dedicated to affect creatures of darkness, such as a Zenith anima flare against undead.

Flaw: Unholy 5 points
Characters with this Flaw radiate palpable, alien evil that priests and other holy individuals in line of sight can sense with a Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 6 – the character’s permanent Essence). In addition, such Anathema find temples and consecrated ground uncomfortable, adding 1 to the difficulty of all rolls made for them for as long as they remain in the blessed area.

Note: This character has received the benefit of Fallen Leaf’s Lunar Bond. If Fallen Leaf is not being played or if this character is not the reincarnation of her mate. Reduce the Horde background from 3 to 1.


Master of Eight

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