This page serves as a placeholder for an Exalted campaign wiki using rules that can only be called First Edition revised. The campaign is going to be set in An-Teng and concern a war, among other things so consider yourself warned. Consider these sample Solar Exalts Midnight Pearl and Resplendent Scorpion as examples of what I mean, both have interesting non-combat options as well as a mix of defensive and offensive abilities. They also both have a reason to be in the region (one is a local princess while the other is hunting his deathknight nemesis who has come here) and motivations that compliment each other.

It is recommended that you play either recently Exalted Solars or Lunars. Your characters will begin in the Shore city of Salt-Founded Glory on the 28th day of Descending Fire, four years since the crushing defeat of the Tepet Legions and five years since the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress. Your characters have come to Salt-Founded Glory to celebrate the week long a Calibration festival amid the fire dancers, orgies and parades of trained Elephants of the An-Teng Principalities.

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  1. Please select a Motivation, this will compliment your characters Nature. Each time that a character takes a concrete step toward making her motivation a reality the character regains a point of temporary willpower. When they achieve the motivation/goal, they become eligible to instantly raise their permanent essence with XP and waive their training time. Your motivation should be epic, involve the An-Teng region or the South as a whole, and not interfere with the motivations of the other PCs. If you can’t think of one please consult this list for inspiration.
  2. Abyssal, Infernal, and Solar Exalted receive 18 dots for Attributes (No need to prioritize the three kinds of attributes) and 28 dots of Abilities (Select 5 Favored Abilities and place at least one point in each Favored Ability). Lunars still get 9/7/4 for attributes.
  3. Celestial Exalted player characters may raise any of their character’s abilities to five without spending bonus points. Heroic mortals and ghosts are limited to 3 before bonus points.
  4. Players receive three dots of specialties to distribute amongst their character’s abilities. Thaumaturges start with a number of procedures equal to their highest relevant occult specialty x their Lore rating.
  5. Solar Exalted player characters get ten dots of backgrounds. Artifact, Influence and Resources are restricted to 3 while Backing and Cult are restricted to 2 and restricted backgrounds cost 4 bonus points per dot over their respective limit. There are also two new backgrounds: Lunar Bond and Nemesis. Lunar Bond represents a powerful and loyal Lunar ally/mate while Nemesis represents an enemy or rival and replaces the Enemy flaw. Sample one dot ally. Familiar has been updated
  6. Players get 5 dots of Virtues, additional dots may be purchased for 1 bonus point each.
  7. Willpower is calculated from sum of the character’s permanent Essence + the lowest of the characters Conviction, Temperance, or Valor. Each additional point of Willpower costs 2 bonus points.
  8. Charms cost 5 bonus points, 3 if within a Caste or Favored Ability.
  9. During the game the XP costs for new charms are waived, the player need only find a teacher, meet the charm prerequisites and spend the requisite training time to acquire new charms. Custom charms and combos require XP to learn as normal, as do all other traits.
  10. Abyssal, Infernal, and Solar Exalted receive 21 bonus points at character creation. Alchemical, Lunar and Sidereal Exalted receive 18 bonus points at character creation while Terrestrial Exalted receive 15 bonus points. You may take any two Flaws for full points, any additional Flaws beyond that garner zero bonus points. You may take as many as 10 points worth of Merits. The Enemy flaw has been replaced by the Nemesis background. You may not begin with any Wyld mutations unless you are playing a Lunar, Raksha, or unExalted beastman.
  11. Starting Abyssal, Infernal, and Solar Exalted PCs begin with Essence 3 and calculate their personal essence pool with the following rubric [(Essence x 4) + Temperance], and their peripheral essence pool from [(Essence x 10) + (Highest Virtue x 2) + Compassion + Willpower]. If they wish they may reduce their starting essence to 2 and get 6 Bonus Points back or reduce it to 1 to get 12 Bonus Points back.
  12. Starting Lunar Exalted PCs begin with Essence 2, can raise it by spending 8 BP, they calculate their personal essence pool by the following method [(Essence x 4) + Willpower], and peripheral essence pool from [(Essence x 4) + (Highest Virtue x 4) + (Willpower x 2)]
  13. Every Celestial Exalted gains a number of bonus Ox-Body charms equal to their permanent essence score, as long as they have a dot of Resistance to accompany each dot of Essence. However, Terrestrial Exalts must acquire their Ox-Body charms normally.
  14. No Celestial Exalted may begin the campaign with permanent essence higher than 5 and Terrestrial Exalted characters may begin with essence no higher than 3.
  15. All Lunars can transform into any shape in their library, save their Deadly Beastman State, for 3 motes as an intrinsic ability. Thus they are considered to functional as if they had the Humble Mouse Shape and Towering Beast Shape charms. A Lunar has three True Forms- their human birth identity, their Deadly Beastman State, and their Totem animal. While in these forms, they have no Tell.
  16. Archery and Brawl are usually going to be rolled with Strength especially when in combat, while Athletics, Martial Arts, Melee, Stealth and Thrown usually going to be rolled with Dexterity. Likewise Appearance will be combined with Larceny for disguises and Intimidate to frighten people. Stamina is going to get used with Endurance and Resistance a lot. Perception is going to be used with Awareness, Investigation, and Sail (when navigation is important). Dexterity and Intelligence are king attributes used to roll for lots of different abilities.
  17. Characters are considered to have a Hardness equal to half the lethal soak of their armor or equal to your lethal soak if you take the Solar only charm Invincible Essence Reinforcement (Essence 2, Resistance 3) which makes your soak against all incoming damage equal to your stamina + 3. Characters wearing armor can soak aggravated damage with their lethal soak value. Attacks that threaten to deal pre-soak raw damage equal to your hardness or less deal no damage.
  18. Finally you may bank unspent Bonus Points which will become XP at a 1 BP = 6 XP conversion rate, a third of the banked XP is awarded at the end of each of the first three sessions if they aren’t spent in other ways such as through special charm usage before this occurs.

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